Hello Fellow Travellers,

At Fernloft© we believe that a great hostel stay is an important part of your traveling experience as you embark your journey of a lifetime.

Fernloft© is a hostel chain founded in 2004 located strategically in heritage areas. We have since served over 50,000 travelers (and still counting) from across the globe. Abiding by our 6 core C values of comfort, cleanliness, convenience, care, cost-friendliness and character, we aim to ensure that each and every one of you receives a great hostel experience.


If you are seeking to discover the kaleidoscopic landscape of Singapore, and Kuala Lumpur, stay with us to experience a place where traditions come alive and age-old practices are still being practised, Fernloft Hostels will be your smart choice of accommodation.

Best of all, at Fernloft Group of Hostels, we offer the flexibility of inter-hostel transfers (15% discount from our rack rates) which will provide you an opportunity to stay at our various branches and experience the different cultural uniqueness that comes from each Fernloft location.

Whatever we may say, do not take our word for it, experience it